Why I Love Coworking

Why I Love Coworking

This month we have a post from Andrea Essner, Office and Events Manager at Village Square Coworking. Here's why Andrea loves Coworking...Tell us why you love coworking.

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February is the month of love. February 1st hits and people all of the sudden become more aware of who they love and what they love. There’s no better time than now to share why I have fallen in love with coworking!

I currently work out of Village Square Coworking Studio in the heart of the Kansas City Startup Village. From the front of the space where I sit, I get to interact with other coworkers as they come in and out of Village Square. People walk in and always comment on the vibe. This is, in fact, exactly why I love coworking. There’s a vibe that comes with coworking that is so magnetic.

It’s the vibe that reverberates when people organically collaborate on an idea; when coworkers motivate you with their own hard work; when newcomers enter and are immediately excited about experiencing a different kind of work space; when coworkers joke with one another from the other side of the studio; and when I realize that we’re all working together to create a community of people who are excited to accomplish big things.

In the 9 months that I have spent at Village Square, I have come to love all of the interactions, conversations, and inspirations that come from working in a space that is built for creativity and connectedness. There is a vibe that is not just irresistible, but also inspiring.